bugs note


pip doesn’t work:


#find pip
which pip
#uninstall and reinstall
/usr/local/bin/pip uninstall pip 
sudo apt-get remove python-pip
sudo apt-get install python-pip
#change permission of packages to public 
#show the location of the package
sudo pip show <package_name>
sudo chmod -R ugo+rX path_to_package


bugs note

paper process


1st target conf: IMC, deadline May 11,18.

2nd target conf: INFOCOMM, deadline July. need to corporate with Yordanos, Yuming.

one point: control cache which is too autonomous originally


get the syntax mapping coordinates distribution as the public source

simulate cdn with different intra-cluster similarity

ICN broker

ICN conf. deadline: May1, 8.

Get rid of search engine

Nokia lab, deadline: May 1.

paper process