1. doesn’t support osx
  2. installed on pc in Helsinki:
    1. PC_NIC: Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection I217-LM (rev 04)
      $lshw            #show the hardware config
      $lshw -class network  #show the network hardware config
      $lspci             #show all pci
    2. kernel: 3.13.0
  3. echo export ONVM_NUM_HUGEPAGES=2048 >> ~/.bashrc

    #default ONVM_NUM_HUGEPAGES is 1024, here we set as 2048

  4.  export ONVM_NIC_PCI=" 00:19.0"

    #specify NIC port to be bound to DPDK, port found in step 2.

  5. run scripts/ every time of rebooting, as it loads the appropraite kernel modules and can bind your NIC ports to the DPDK driver.

    Build complete [x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc]
    Installation cannot run with T defined and DESTDIR undefined
    Configuring 2048 hugepages with size 2048
    Adding huge fs to /etc/fstab
    Mounting hugepages
    Creating 2048 hugepages
    Configuring environment
    Please export $ONVM_HOME and set it to /home/pengzhou/openNetVM

    should due to

    106 scripts/
    $echo export ONVM_HOME=/home/pengzhou/openNetVM >> ~/.bashrc
    $source ~/.bashrc

    then installed successfully

  6. now here
    ./onvm/ 0,1,2,3 1 -s stdout


    sudo: /home/pengzhou/openNetVM/onvm/onvm_mgr/onvm_mgr//onvm_mgr: command not found

    coming from last line of

    sudo $SCRIPTPATH/onvm_mgr/onvm_mgr/$RTE_TARGET/onvm_mgr -l $cpu -n 4 --proc-type=primary ${virt_addr} -- -p ${ports} ${num_srvc} ${def_srvc} ${stats}

    was because of an error edit in bashrc.

  7. test completed successfully


  1. Linear NF Chain
    Determine CPU architecture and running limits:



          - openNetVM can handle 0 NFs on this system

    to disable hyper theading(sth. like virtual cpu core), {Hyper-threading (HT) refers to the hardware-backed capacity of Intel CPUs to efficiently switch between two execution threads}read file /proc/cpuinfo, in which the processors with same core ids are the real-virtual pair of cores in one physical core.
    after emailing with Neel, seems there is a bug.
    try to continue with manually command.
    using and reading onvm/

    18 cpu=$1    #use man bash to see detail

    after running the commands, get  to the step of “start a packet generator”
    install Pktgen-DPDK.
    when running it, met with the prob about no free hugepage , should due to that opennetvm is still running, maybe should make hugepage larger in the start.





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