monitor system

My goal is to build a cloud monitor system in one year.


  1. the goal of MS(monitoring system)/ difference with others
  2. the architecture and  function of MS/difference with others
  3. how to realize it
  4. refinements

1. the goal

provide complete and real time info about system, including resource, workload, forecast and etc.

2. function

  • alerts and alarms:Being able to set up alerts so that the proper administrator is notified depending on the issue is important. If a storage alert goes out to a server admin, the response may not be as fast as it would be had the alert gone out to a storage administrator.                             different alerts go to different administrator
  • resource management
  • user count
  • failover capabilities
  • roles and privileges:This isolation of roles creates effective audit trails. It also greatly reduces the risk that a team member will make the wrong changes to the system.
  • SLA considerations:This means monitoring uptime and environment usage. Depending on the type of SLA, different metrics are important to the administrator. This might mean monitoring the number of VMs working or adjusting downtime requirements
  • Testing and maintenance

samples of monitoring system

monitor system

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