paper writing


1st  title abstract intro headings conclusion refs

2nd section figure

3st detail

an app named myline?


 put the most info at first of paragraph, for example the result including percent data


  1. motivation: broadly what is problem area why important
  2. narrow down what si problem you specifically consider 
  3. in the paper,…..most crucial para, tell your elevator pitch
  4. how different /better /relate to other work
  5. structure 

only put topic sentences related information into a single para

figs lists are better than text 

remove words para unnecessary 

less is more 

if you delete something and nothing changed , delete it 

clearly state your assumption what your work build on

state experiment condition 


the elements of style 

writing for computer science,

writing paper while doing research helps you find which part is unnecessary 

bullet point list of contribution in the intro on first page to help them to fill the review forms especially in the strengths part



Keywords: Enter key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.

paper writing

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