erase os with ubuntu

I went through with almost the same thing with

after erasing os with ubuntu, a blinking question mark came out during the starting up.

thanks to the author replying email, I found this

but still, using the internet recovery, I can finally open with a os-like desktop with


until I can’t find any disk to install OS

then searching online again , found this


according to this:

  1. Back up drive on time machine.
  2. Restart, rebooting on Lion install disk.
  3. Go to Disk Utility.
  4. Erase Partition.
  5. Erase HD.
  6. Re-erase partition again, this time giving it a name.
  7. Click on HD.
  8. Verify HD to confirm EFI error message no longer appears.
  9. Go back to install screen.
  10. Choose restore from back up.

finally, there is no “efi error” happening.

Yet still, no disk is found.

At last, after clicking “mount” button, it’s OK.

erase os with ubuntu

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